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Digital Media Planning

6 August 2018
25 August 2018
Unicorn Mutuelle Ville   View map

700.00TND 490.00TND

Whether you are a novice in the digital marketing universe or a community manager that seeks to become a multi-skilled asset, this training session is the perfect match for you, a perfect combination of soft and hard skills to optimize eventual employability in an extremely volatile and constantly evolving market.

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This Workshop has passed

 Community Management

  • From classic marketing to digital marketing
  • Content creation and  setting a competitive and performant strategy
  • Social media advertising : KPI and CM tools
  • Social media presentations and community animation

 UI/UX Design

  • Basics of Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Creating a graphical charter
  • Creating social media visual support
  • User experience

Web mastering

  • Creating a website with HTML5/CSS3
  • Creating a custom website with WordPress without technical skills
  • Hosting and  optimize the referencing of a website

Content creation

  • Editing with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects
  • Thumbnail and template creation
  • Youtube referencing


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