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E-commerce Workshop 29 Mars

(Français) Issam Essefi Founder & CEO de BIGDeal
29 March 2019 14 h 00 min
29 March 2019 18 h 00 min
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This Workshop has passed

Become an E-merchant

Online services are the most effective means of problem solving in the current interconnected online world  ,however  it is a double-edged weapon for the customer and the merchant as the field is still new to the Tunisian market; WeCode Land has thought of you and your future and offers you an e-commerce workshop that will be provided by Mr. Issam Essefi Founder and CEO of the essential BIGDeal.

Objectives: Learn how to start your e-commerce startup and offer the keys to successful e-commerce project management.

A 4 hours course prepared by our trainer Issam ESSAFI.

Program :

1- Introduction to E-commerce
2- How and why to becomes an e-merchant?
3- How to start your e-commerce shop
4- Turn an idea into a Business Plan
5- Become an e-trader!
6- Create your e-commerce
7- Manage and maintain your e-commerce
8- Manage your commercial offer: Traffic, Conversion and Medium Basket
9- Customer Relationship Management: Laws, Tools and Approaches
10- The criteria to respect to differentiate yourself from the competition


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