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iOS developer

8 October 2018 17 h 00 min
12 October 2018 20 h 00 min

700.00TND 350.00TND

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This Workshop has passed

iOS developers have the mission to create dynamic applications through a programming language. They are loaded …

  • to analyse the needs based on the specifications defined by the clients or the project managers,
  • to define the various stages of operation of the application,
  • to develop, test and validate the features of the application,
  • provide technical support for the application and produce technical and functional documentation for the client,
  • to make bug fixes and perform updates.

iOS specialty:
The role of the iOS developer is to program applications for the iPhone and iPad. From a specification or the expression of a need, he must:

  • design the technical architecture of the application,
  • create its interface and its possible animations,
  • manage the interaction with the user.

He must also stay abreast of technologies, especially the Apple ecosystem. In addition, an iOS developer can easily port their applications to other platforms such as Apple Watch, Apple TV or Mac.

As a specialist in the Apple universe, the iOS developer must be proactive with his customers or his team to make the most of new hardware and software.

What you will do
– Analyze specifications and choose an appropriate technical solution from existing solutions
– Design the technical architecture of an application using UML diagrams
– Create iPhone apps with Swift and Xcode
– Communicate with a database to store and query information
– Implement unit tests and integration tests
– Produce a technical and functional documentation of the application
– Use the network to obtain information
– Understand and apply designs patterns to ensure the stability of your applications


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