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WeCode Unicorn, the place of a new digital era


Nowadays, Digital Jobs are gaining more and more popularity thanks to the fast-paced technological growth. In that respect, many startups and private schools are providing workshops, training courses and hosting events in different fields of the digital world: Digital Marketing, Web Development, Robotics, Game Development…

WeCode Land started as an idea in 2014 to provide training in digital economy and help economically inactive youth join the labour market by getting digital jobs or launching their digital businesses. WeCode served more than 4000 Youth in Tunisia and is present in 4 different countries in the  MEA region. So we can say that WeCode Land comes with the idea of establishing and training a new generation with highly developed digital skills to go hand in hand with the most in-demand digital jobs of this century.                          

On September 14, 2018, WeCode Unicorn opens its doors in Tunis in the presence of high frames of the state, the elite of the digital world in Tunisia and social entrepreneurs community. It is about the first innovative digital school targeting innovative startups in Tunisia. 

WeCode Unicorn is a school proposing solutions to young people willing to begin a professional career and those motivated to launch their own projects. From where the name Unicorn, recently appeared to the Silicon Valley, which means one startup valued in more than a billion dollars. 

Located in Mutuelleville (4 Rue Sufetula, MutuelleVille, 1000 Tunis, Tunisia), WeCode Unicorn is a connected and flexible learning space, equipped with digital technologies and supervised by high-level professionals recognized on a national and international scale.

Designed as an ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent places, WeCode Unicorn is fully integrated into the vision of active learning where students are empowered and productive from the first day of enrollment in school programs. WeCode Unicorn offers 17 skills in mobile and web jobs, business skills, visual design, video games and digital marketing. WeCode Unicorn reduces the years of stiff and useless learning of the classic universities to a few months or weeks of cutting-edge training of the industry of digital technology.




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