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The participation of Wala Kasmi in North African Economies: Enhancing Cooperation and Competitiveness/ Morocco, 12-13 December

Across North Africa, governments continue to grapple with growing youth unemployment and citizens diverting to the informal sector. The public sector has limited capacity to absorb new entrants to the labour market, while the private sector demands 21st century skills both soft and technical of those seeking employment. What can universities and the private sector do to address the labour skills mismatch? And what are the prospects for vocational training and education?

 All these emerging issues will be discussed during the conference North African Economies: Enhancing Cooperation and Competitiveness organized by The Royal Institute of International Affairs MENA Programme being held at Hôtel La Tour Hassan Palace, Rabat, Morroco from 12-13 December 2018. The main objective of this conference is to examine the current state of cooperation across North Africa and explore emerging sectors, new partners, new synergies and new models that will aid and support countries’ respective transformation agendas.

Wala Kasmi will intervene today in session 2 from 11:30- 13:00 addressing the labour market-skills mismatch. As a serial entrepreneur in digital economy and employment and a CEO of WeCode Land, Wala Kasmi will examine and analyze the labour market skills mismatch and what are the solutions and alternatives to improve the readiness to the job market. 

This conference is part of annual events, conferences and workshops organized by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. It is a world-leading policy institute based in London. Its mission is to help governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world.


Serial impact entrepreneur. Founder of Tisopia.

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